I have headlined this article as a confrontation between the two biggest countries/economies in the world, looking at different quantitative dimensions.


We are witnessing a big pulse between China and USA, it is evident that they have started to implement new custom duties/tariffs and that this has now takes us to a currency fight.  Both parts want to command the world in all senses and looking at the trends and history, looks like in no more than 15 years thanks to its growth, China will be well above USA in many different measures, like market capitalization, output, Currency reserve…


If you look at technology, which is nowadays the main driver of the biggest economies, Fintech, AI, autonomous driving for example are fields where China is not far behind USA and with great probability will climb to first place in no more than two decades.

In the Western Economies we are surely more efficient and transparent, but today with all the monetary policies with no room to have a big effect in the Economy, we are seeing an economy like China that devaluates its currency overnight, which gives them a great advantage to control in a much faster pace its economy and direction to follow.

-This is just a personal reflection, but in my humble opinion, China is now here to stay and for many years will be soon the first economy in the planet. Investors, traders, entrepreneurs should take this fact into account and try to enter this new era in an early stage.

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