An economic report may be needed to help the entrepreneur to know their actual situation and to help them to make decisions with concrete and informed data whenever may arise a conflict between partners, in cases of valuation of a company’s assets for a possible sale, also when companies ace financial or viability difficulties, when making investments in complex financial products such as derivatives.

Such reports can be an internal document for the company itself or constitute an expert report that may be used in legal proceedings to clarify a situation that is complex and needs to be analysed.


When a non-resident individual comes to Spain and invests in real estate, in companies as a partner  and has his/her original residence in his/her country… There may arise many questions and unknown situations that are liable to taxation and require the fiscal representative to comply with certain formal obligations and filing tax Forms (210, 211…). Our team will provide advice and fulfill such tax obligations, in addition to becoming tax representatives in Spain for our client.


When a person wishes to make a will; we can at the time of death, take care of settling the inheritance and follow al necessary legal steps making it valid, as well as dealing with all the tax procedures necessary to settle the inheritance. Again, we become tax representatives in Spain for our client.


On numerous occasions we have encountered clients who do not know whether they have complied with their tax obligations in the past. Our team will review the previous four years and audit the tax part of the company as well as certify whether the company has fulfilled its tax obligations according to the accounting information, thereafter, and in another stage, tax planning can be done and study the company’s situation for better tax planning.

*Prices are approximate subject to review

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