Sempere Consulting

We’re not just advisors. We’re not just managers.

We are part of your company and our task is to show you the safest and firmest way to your goals and take you through.

That’s our real specialty.

Financial advice

The financial advisor is a professional who optimizes the management of the assets and liabilities of clients

Risk analysis

At Sempere Consulting we are experts in studying your project, analysing the risks and managing them in the best way to guarantee the viability of your project.

Financial plans

In most cases, there is no analysis to start projects, it is not common to paint a group of possible scenarios, contingency plan, in short, to order on paper a roadmap for the development of a company or a project within a company.

Analysis of Financial Statements

Monitoring of the company’s relations with financial institutions, bank negotiations, restructuring of bank debt.

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